Terms of Conditions

It is important to pay close attention to and fully understand the terms and conditions, design creation procedures, and FAQs before using Dualapan.co's design services. These clauses may change at any time without prior notice, and as a client, you are deemed to agree to and be bound by such changes. Therefore, it is recommended that you routinely check and understand the contents of these clauses and any changes to them. You are responsible for being aware of and complying with the applicable terms and conditions to avoid issues in the future.

If you do not agree or object to any of the terms, it is recommended that you do not use Dualapan.co's services or become a client. Dualapan.co has the right to change the contents of the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to the client, so it is highly recommended to regularly check and understand the contents of the Terms and Conditions.

Design Services and Technical Understanding

Design services The design services provided by Dualapan.co offer online design services offered to individuals or companies through the website and social media without the need for face-to-face meetings. After placing an order through the available form and completing full payment and payment confirmation, the client can send a specific project briefing in the form of written and reference images, as well as revise the received design.

Dualapan.co provides various design services that are described in each package listed on the brochure or selected website, in accordance with the established procedures. Changes to the design package specifications only apply to orders after such changes, and cannot be applied retroactively.

Color and File Format. The standard color used in each design project is RGB, unless the client requests a different color standard such as PANTONE or CMYK. If there is a change in the color standard after the project has started, additional fees will be charged. Similarly, requesting two color standards in the final result will also incur additional fees.

The provided file formats include soft files such as PNG/JPG and source files such as EPS/AI/CDR/PDF/PSD. Acceptance of file formats is adjusted to the chosen package and cannot be changed under certain conditions. If the client requests or adds other file formats that are not listed in the package, additional fees will be charged.

Briefing Data The client is fully responsible for writing the briefing data and conducting the necessary research for the design project, including presenting the research results clearly, consistently, and accurately, as well as presenting adequate references and illustrations or relevant images related to the sent briefing. Briefing data must be sent in the form of text along with adequate reference files through a form, chat message, email, or social media.

Dualapan.co is not responsible for reviewing or correcting the content of the sent briefing. If there are any changes to the briefing data, the changes must be made in the same way as when the briefing was submitted and before the design process begins.

We cannot accept briefings delivered orally or in easily deletable media, as they are considered not delivered or not received by us as a service provider.

Data Briefing Changes after the work process is considered a revision. The number of revisions allowed will be adjusted to the selected package and additional revisions will incur additional fees. We suggest that clients map out changes and collect all changes in one revision to reduce excessive revisions.

We will calculate the revision fee based on the changes requested. If there is an error in sending the briefing, the revision will be considered as a change and will be deducted according to the number of changes requested.

We would also like to remind that revisions will be stopped if they exceed the normal limit provided in the selected package, so we recommend clients to consider carefully before requesting additional revisions.

When briefing data is not sent to us as important information needed to work on your logo design project, we reserve the right to refuse work or stop the work if the result does not meet your expectations. The responsibility to provide accurate and clear briefing is your responsibility as a client.

To avoid repeated revisions and ensure customer satisfaction, after the revision is done, we request additional briefing and references as the main reference to understand the type and preference of logo design desired. If you cannot provide a briefing within 3 days after the revision is done, then we cannot continue the work and cannot provide a refund. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you provide a clear and timely briefing so that the project can be completed successfully.

Response and Communication, Dualapan.co is committed to providing responsive, timely, and flexible communication to our clients. We are ready to respond to and answer your questions before and during the design process. We ask our clients to also respond to every message or question we ask, especially regarding the data briefing needed to start the design process.

We highly recommend clients to respond to every message we send to avoid misunderstandings and lack of information needed to complete the design properly. We will pay attention to every response and question you ask, and will take the necessary action to ensure that the design we send meets your needs and desires.

However, if the client does not respond to our messages or questions within the specified time frame, we are not responsible for any errors in the design result due to the lack of or mistakes in the design briefing we receive. We ask clients to pay attention to every message and question we ask to avoid any mistakes.

If we do not receive a response from the client for a certain period of time after sending the design result, we will suspend the work for 1 week. If after 1 week there is no response from the client, we will send the file format according to the package ordered and the work will be considered completed. We expect good cooperation and communication from clients so that we can provide satisfactory design results.

Upgrade Package, We offer the option to upgrade the service package that has been ordered by the client, whether it's at the pre-design stage or after the design process is completed. We provide flexibility within a two-week period after the design result files have been sent to the client. During this period, the client can upgrade the service package according to the emerging needs. We are ready to provide advice and guidance to the client regarding the available upgrade options. However, after the two-week period has ended, we cannot accept requests to upgrade the service package.

Project Completion Timeframe, We have standard project completion timeframe listed in every service package that we offer. We are committed to completing the project within the specified time frame, which is 3 working days (4 days if the working day falls on a holiday or a religious holiday) after payment and briefing submission. We expect prompt and timely response from clients regarding the design results we send, so that the work can be completed on time.

If the client does not respond to the design results we send within 14 days after delivery, then on the 15th day we will send the design results without any review from the client. In this case, the collaboration between Dualapan.co and the client is considered complete and we no longer have an obligation to work on the project. We also will not make any refunds for the payment made by the client, without exception.

Final Deliverables or Completion of Services, The client has full rights to the final deliverables of one design that we create. However, the client does not have rights to all revisions and/or initial concepts, as well as their derivative products. Therefore, the client is not allowed to forward, display, or publish any revisions and/or initial concepts to any party, anywhere, and through any media.

We need to emphasize that if the client violates this provision, Dualapan Studio has the right to terminate all types of services or products that we provide to the client without any compensation in any form. We strongly hope that the client can respect our copyrights and privacy, just as we respect the client as our customer.

Payment and Refund.

Full Payment, For every transaction with an amount below IDR 300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand Indonesian Rupiah), clients are required to make full payment before the project can commence.

Pembayaran Uang Muka. Sebagai standar prosedur pembayaran, kami mewajibkan klien untuk melakukan pembayaran uang muka sebesar 40% apabila total nominal transaksi di atas Rp301.000 sebelum memulai pengerjaan proyek.

Refund or Money Back Guarantee. If the client is not satisfied with the initial concept we provide and has not requested a revision yet, they can request a refund of the payment made. However, this only applies to transactions that have not been paid in full. If the service fee is paid in cash, a refund of 70% of the transaction amount will be given. Meanwhile, if the service fee is paid as a down payment, a refund of 60% of the transaction amount will be given. However, the client is not entitled to a refund if they have requested a revision or failed to respond within the specified time frame.

Payment Confirmation. To mark the beginning of the service work process, clients are required to confirm payment by sending a photo of the receipt or a screenshot as proof of payment. We will upload this screenshot as a testimonial from the client on our social media or website. To maintain client privacy, the name and account number will be obscured.

Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright and Trademark. We guarantee that the design we create is original and we can prove it through sketches or our work on paper. After the design is approved or purchased by the client, the copyright and patent rights to the design will be fully owned by the client. However, it should be noted that the design that becomes the client's copyright is the final design that has been approved, whether it has been revised or not. The initial design or designs that are not selected by the client will remain our property and we have the right to sell or reuse them as our asset. After the transfer of the design and license documents to the client, the client will become the official owner of the copyright and patent rights to the approved or purchased design.

Use of Design for Promotional Media. Dualapan.co has full rights to use the final design that has been approved by the client as a means of promotion on our portfolio website and social media without additional fees or royalties (royalty-free) with an indefinite time limit for the use.

Use of Non-Source File Design Package. If the client uses the non-source file package service and wants to use the design for print media, the client must purchase the source file at the following prices: Rp 250,000 for Ai or CDR files, Rp 300,000 for PSD files, and Rp 500,000 for multiple source files such as AI, CDR, PSD, PDF, EPS, and SVG.

Using Designs for Commercial Products, We would like to inform you that as the client, you have the copyright to the approved or purchased design, and you can use it for commercial or dissemination purposes as you wish. However, you must comply with copyright rules and not commit infringement actions such as vectorizing soft file designs on other services without permission from the copyright owner.

If there is any copyright infringement or unauthorized use of the design, we will take necessary legal action to enforce our or the client's copyright as the owner of the design. As a design service provider, we value copyrights and prohibit any violation of them.