Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We value the privacy of our users and are committed to protecting the personal information collected from them through our services. This privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect the personal information of our users.

How to use the services at is a logo and graphic design service available online. We provide company profiles, service information, communications and payments online, so you don't need to make reservations directly or face to face with us. The first step to get started is to contact us for confirmation and consultation, if needed. We will provide complete information about the services we offer and help you choose a service package that suits your needs. After that, we'll ask for the necessary information to start the design process, such as company information and design preferences.

After we are done with the design, we will send the design results to you to choose from and provide revisions if needed. After you are satisfied with the results of the design, we will provide an invoice and you can make payments through the online media that has been provided. After payment is complete, we will send the approved design file to your email. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or further consultation.

Selection of Service Packages, After there has been interaction between the client and our services through online media such as email, WhatsApp, social media or connected marketplaces, the next step is to select the service package provided by to continue the process of working on the service. desired design services.

Payment, If you have chosen one of the available service packages, the next step is to make an advance payment or full payment according to the nominal agreed by both parties. This payment aims to mark the start of the process of working on the design services that you ordered. You are required to send proof of payment in the form of a photo of a receipt or screenshot as proof of confirmation to us. We will upload proof of this confirmation on social media or the website as a form of testimony from you (name or account number has been disguised).

Delivery Briefing, After payment confirmation is received and work begins, the next step is delivery of the briefing from the client. The briefing will be guided by us to ensure that the information conveyed is clear and well structured. We will provide an online form format that must be filled out by the client properly. The information obtained from the briefing will be used as a reference in the subsequent design process.

Design Work Process, After your briefing has been received and verified for completeness, we will immediately start the design work process immediately. We are committed to completing each design project within 1-3 working days, but the processing time may vary depending on the level of complexity and completeness of the data provided. We make sure to provide the best results and meet your design needs.

Difference between Logo Concept and Alternative Logo wants to provide a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of the difference between a Logo Concept and an Alternative Logo. The logo concept is the basic idea or notion that forms the basis for making a logo. While the Alternative Logo is a variation of the existing Logo Concept, with some minor changes to design elements such as color, size or layout.

In design services at, we emphasize the importance of a strong and original Logo Concept as a strong and easily recognizable business identity. We also provide alternative logos as additional options for clients who want to expand their logo design variations. We strive to provide quality services by providing clear and detailed explanations of these differences, so that our clients can make the right decision regarding the logo design they want to use for their business.

Logo Concept

is a basic idea or main concept of a logo design. This concept includes important elements in a logo, such as shapes, colors, typography, and images. A good logo concept must be able to represent the values and characteristics of the brand or business it represents. A strong logo concept will make the logo look unique, easy to remember, and able to attract the attention of consumers

Alternative Logo

is a variation of the main logo with the addition of new elements or changes in color and composition, which serves to provide flexibility in the use of the logo in various situations and different contexts. Alternative logos can be used to strengthen brand recognition and expand the scope of use of logos in various media. For example, alternative logos can be used for specific marketing purposes, such as for a particular product or event.

Delivery of Logo Previews

PDF files are the standard for secure and reliable digital document delivery. For both written and image documents, PDF has become the most common choice for sending over the internet. realizes the importance of security and privacy in document delivery, therefore we always use the PDF format for sending design previews that you will review. Thus, you can rest easy and be sure that the documents we send will not be altered or altered without your knowledge.

Color and File Format Provided ?

In every design work, we use the RGB color standard unless the client requests a different color standard such as PANTONE or CMYK. Please note that any changes to the standard colors after the project has started will incur an additional fee. In addition, requesting two color standards on the finish will also incur an additional fee. The file formats we provide are soft files such as PNG or JPG and source files such as EPS, AI, CDR, PDF or PSD. The type of file format accepted depends on the package selected and cannot be changed under certain conditions. If you request or add other file formats that are not listed on the package, an additional fee will be charged.