About Us

Dualapan.co is a professional service provider in creating logo, banner, icon, illustration, and other graphic designs. Established in 2021, we have served thousands of clients from both domestic and international markets who entrust us with their logo and branding design needs. We cater to various types of businesses, ranging from micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises to personal websites. Our focus is to provide the best quality service to fulfill your graphic design needs. We have a creative and experienced team to produce a logo and branding design that is suitable for your business identity. By choosing Dualapan.co, you will get the best graphic design service to enhance your business image.

We understand that graphic design is an important aspect of building a strong business image, which is why we are committed to providing the best experience for our clients. At Dualapan.co, we offer responsive and transparent communication throughout the design process, so you can see firsthand how the design is being developed and provide the necessary input. We ensure that you will have a satisfying experience and a design that meets your business needs. So, don't hesitate to entrust your graphic design needs to us at Dualapan.co.

Not only do we provide quality logo design services, but we also help our clients maximize the use of their logos on promotional media and products to make them more consistent and appealing to customers. We prioritize consultation and communication with our clients to ensure that the design results are appropriate for their needs and desires. We have experience in working on various types of designs, and we do not exclude logo design services or other graphic design services as long as they are related to the design applications we use.

Our strengths lie in professional, elegant, and unique designs that will strengthen your business identity. We also offer highly affordable and competitive service prices compared to other logo design services in the country. So, if you need logo design or other graphic design services, do not hesitate to contact us at Dualapan.co to get the best design results for your business.


To become a trusted and recognized design company by our clients for the quality of our services and the creativity that we provide.

  • Building strong relationships with our clients and service partners to establish trust and produce the best work possible.
  • Continuously improving the skills and expertise of our design team to deliver creative and innovative results in every project we undertake.
  • We use design software that is easily accessible to clients, making it easier for them to receive and modify the design files we provide. Additionally, we are committed to using legal design software and assets, without engaging in piracy or illegal use of design assets. This way, we can provide safe, accurate, and high-quality design solutions for our clients.
  • Creating a healthy and productive work environment for our design team, and motivating them to continually grow and deliver the best for our clients.
  • We are committed to maintaining our commitment to sustainability and responsibility in every aspect of our business activities, including minimizing negative impacts on the environment and the surrounding community.

Our targets

Our target customers are businesses in the SME to medium-sized enterprises range, and individuals who seek professional logo design services. We believe that by providing high-quality design services, we can help enhance the image and public trust in these businesses or individuals.

We focus on understanding the needs and preferences of our clients by actively listening to their requests and feedback. Additionally, we ensure that the designs we produce not only have high aesthetic value, but also accurately represent the values and goals of the businesses or individuals we serve.

We are committed to providing timely, effective, and efficient design solutions. We are ready to collaborate with our clients at every stage of the design process, from planning and conceptualization, to design implementation.

If you have any questions about our services and business information, please contact us via email at dualapan.std@gmail.com.